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Kaoto is an editor to create integrations using Apache Camel in a visual, low-code way; with developer-friendly features like a code editor. Kaoto augments user productivity via Zero-ETL: it accelerates new users and helps experienced developers.

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What is Kaoto


Create integrations easily

Graphical Editor

Create integrations visually and watch how the code gets generated. Or modify the code and see how the visualization looks like.

Apache Camel focused

Low Code and No Code

Create integrations without writing a single line of code.

Focus on User Experience

Support multiple DSL

Simplify the learning curve of Apache Camel. Use different underlying frameworks with the same user interface.

Why Kaoto

Camel at Heart

Using the power of Apache Camel

Kaoto utilizes the Apache Camel models and schemas to always offer you all available upstream Camel features.

Local Development

VS Code Extension

We provide Kaoto as an extension you can install from the Microsoft Marketplace. This adds even more functionality that complements the Kaoto editor very well.

LCNC: Low Code and No Code

Care about developers

You can seamlessly switch between any IDE and Kaoto, allowing mixed teams and converting low code integrators to developers. Keep control of the code at all times with our built-in code editor that stays in sync with the visualization.

FLOSS heart

Free Libre and Open Source Forever

Truly open with no vendor lock-in. Use, reuse, share, modify, and resell to your needs. Own Kaoto and make it yours, making sure your use cases are covered.


See it in action

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Low-Code development with Kaoto
Rapid Prototyping with Camel JBang and Kaoto

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