Kaoto 2.0 released

Kaoto 2.0 released

May 16, 2024·
Kaoto Team
Kaoto Team
· 2 min read

It’s time to celebrate the 2.0.0 release of Kaoto

With this 2.0.0 release we finished implementing the foundational functionalities for an Apache Camel visual editor. Kaoto will guide you with the creation of new and the editing of existing Apache Camel integrations. Together with the other extensions of the Extension Pack for Apache Camel it offers functionality from the creation over the local execution with the Apache Camel CLI to even the deployment to your cluster.

This release is just the beginning for Kaoto! We have so many exciting features and improvements in the works, and we’re eagerly inviting anyone who wants to join us on this journey. Let’s all hop on this Camel ride together! 🐫🎉

Give it a try!

Features & Improvements

  • replaced the Log EIP icon to better distinguish it from the Log component
  • added a menu to add new route entities to the canvas
  • renamed steps context menu items to provide better guidance
  • modelines and other comments are now preserved if on top of the integration code
  • added a context menu to enable/disable single steps
  • added a DSL selector on canvas
  • support for RouteConfiguration and related entities

If you wanna learn more, there are workshops available here.

Bug Fixes

For a full list of changes please refer to the change log.

Let’s Build it Together

Let us know what you think by joining us in the GitHub discussions. Do you have an idea how to improve Kaoto? Would you love to see a useful feature implemented or simply ask a question? Please create an issue.

A big shoutout to our amazing contributors

Thank you to everyone who made this release possible, whether by a code contribution, feedback, advocacy, or participating in an important discussion with us. ❤️

@eerkmen @corners2wall @mkralik3 @d4n1b @tplevko @apupier @igarashitm @mmelko @lordrip @lhein @shivamG640 @lburgazzoli @brunoNetId @djelinek @GuilhermeCamposo @ibek @jcordes73 @Mdenisco @phantomjinx @rstroop @abkieling @Shivam-Gu @kumaradityaraj @oscerd @djelinek @davsclaus @joshdreagan

Apologies in advance if we’ve missed anyone. 🙂

Kaoto Team
Kaoto Team
Working on providing you the best experience for editing Apache Camel integrations