Version 2.0.0 TP1 released!

Version 2.0.0 TP1 released!

Jan 22, 2024·
Kaoto Team
Kaoto Team
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#With this 2.0.0 TP1 (Tech Preview) release we open up a new chapter for the Kaoto project. We leveraged all the strengths of Kaoto v1 and used the time to use the upstream Apache Camel models and schemas directly, which will ensure that we provide the latest features of Apache Camel in Kaoto. In addition we managed to add new features and usability improvements while also trying to keep most of the functionality of Kaoto v1.

Give it a try!


  • New catalog with information about the description and parameters for each component and processor
  • Expression definition support
  • Dataformat support
  • Support for adding Beans from the Canvas Configuration Form
  • Support for Object properties
  • Basic node parameter validation
  • Support for from, to , toD and log string definitions
  • New set of icons
  • Dynamic labels for nodes
  • Support for setHeaders processor
  • Several usability improvements
  • Copy Route to Clipboard (for instance to leverage JBang run from clipboard functionality)
  • Save Route as Image
  • Support for adding Kamelets in a Camel Route

If you wanna learn more, there are workshops available here

Let’s Build it Together

Let us know what you think by joining us in the GitHub discussions. Do you have an idea how to improve Kaoto? Would you love to see a useful feature implemented or simply ask a question? File an issue

A big shoutout to our amazing contributors

Thank you to everyone who made this release possible, whether by a code contribution, feedback, advocacy, or participating in an important discussion with us. ❤️

@eerkmen @corners2wall @mkralik3 @d4n1b @tplevko @apupier @igarashitm @mmelko @lordrip @lhein @shivamG640 @lburgazzoli @brunoNetId @djelinek @GuilhermeCamposo @ibek @jcordes73 @Mdenisco @phantomjinx @rstroop @abkieling @Shivam-Gu @kumaradityaraj

Apologies in advance if we’ve missed anyone. 🙂

Kaoto Team
Kaoto Team
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