Version 2.0.0 TP2 released!

Version 2.0.0 TP2 released!

Feb 29, 2024·
Kaoto Team
Kaoto Team
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We are happy to announce the release of Kaoto 2.0.0 TP2 (Tech Preview 2).

We strive to make Kaoto a top choice when it comes to working with Apache Camel integrations. To achieve that we continuously add new features and enhancements to make the integration developer’s life easier and closely collaborate with the Apache Camel project.

New Features

Camel routes configuration

We added root containers for Camel Routes and Kamelets, so you can configure their behavior.

Support for Kamelet Beans

Added support for Kamelet Beans using the Form.

Kamelet configuration

Included a custom form to configure the most common aspects of a Kamelet easily.

Users can now enter placeholders in drop-down boxes, enhancing flexibility in defining component configurations.

UX Improvements

Sticky Configuration Form header

We’ve made the form title sticky to ensure a better experience while scrolling through options.

Sticky Catalog filter controls

Now the catalog’s filter sticks to the top, so the selected filter is always visible.

Catalog filter counts

When searching for a component or a pattern, we included the result count from other categories as well, so we can see what’s available at a glance

Sorted Patterns and Components parameters

For ease of navigation, patterns parameters, and component parameters are now sorted by the Catalog index.

Consistent Field Spacing

We’ve improved field spacing across different components for a cleaner and more consistent look.

Bug Fixes

  • The form scroll bar is outside of the form, to avoid colliding with the form controls
  • Empty objects {} are not persisted in the source code
  • Fix typos in the Bean and OnException definitions upstream (CAMEL-20462)

For a full list of changes please refer to the change log.

Give it a try!

Let’s Build it Together

Let us know what you think by joining us in the GitHub discussions. Do you have an idea how to improve Kaoto? Would you love to see a useful feature implemented or simply ask a question? Please create an issue

A big shoutout to our amazing contributors

Thank you to everyone who made this release possible, whether by a code contribution, feedback, advocacy, or participating in an important discussion with us. ❤️

@eerkmen @corners2wall @mkralik3 @d4n1b @tplevko @apupier @igarashitm @mmelko @lordrip @lhein @shivamG640 @lburgazzoli @brunoNetId @djelinek @GuilhermeCamposo @ibek @jcordes73 @Mdenisco @phantomjinx @rstroop @abkieling @Shivam-Gu @kumaradityaraj @oscerd @djelinek @davsclaus

Apologies in advance if we’ve missed anyone. 🙂

Kaoto Team
Kaoto Team
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